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J. Glenn

Started by grizzledsouthpaw, Jul 26, 2013, 01:51 am

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Hey guys...I'm new here.  I've got a question and wasn't sure where to put it, but this seemed about the most appropriate spot...

I've been a MMJ fan since about the time Z came out.  Was talking with a friend tonight about MMJ and how a couple of their albums were recorded in Shelby Co, Ky.  I couldn't remember which albums it was so I went to wiki...and saw a name I recognized.  I grew up in Shelbyville, KY, but moved out of state once I got out of high school.  I grew up playing baseball and going to school in Shelbyville with a guy named Jeremy Roberts.  I know his middle name was Glenn as well.  Is this the J. Glenn that was the original MMJ drummer?  I can't seem to find much more info online other than a myspace page.  I haven't seen him since high school and it looks like him but it's hard to tell. 

I remember in HS he wrote out all the lyrics to Stairway to Heaven on his binder.  I thought that was cool.  I ran into his Dad a few years ago and he told me Jeremy was living in North Carolina and was busy playing music.  Also he had recently been beaten up after a show or something.  Anyway...this is an attempt to get some info...any help is appreciated.


Oh, and the other thing that had me thinking it was him is on MMJ's wiki it has his previously used name as J. Roberts.


That's him! (I think)  I heard about him getting beat up.  I'm not 100% sure, but too many parallels in your story... and his.  :thumbsup:
Close enough!