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The Music / Re: Merch Site
« Last post by nosamrer on Today at 03:05 PM »
I thought only the vinyl addition had the extra tracks. A "studio quality" live take of Strangulation! is really what I'm after.
The Shows / Re: OBH4!
« Last post by piton87 on Today at 02:41 PM »
Went to OBH 3 got 3PM
The Shows / Re: OBH4!
« Last post by DayDrinkin on Today at 02:35 PM »
What time does first group of pre-sales begin? I went to OBH 2&3 and got 11:45.
Tickets: Buy, Sell, Trade / ISO 1-2 MASS MoCa
« Last post by ericm on Today at 01:09 PM »
Figured I'd post here first before hitting StubHub in case anyone has any extras they're looking to sell. Would rather Preferred GA but don't know the likelihood of finding a pair of those.

Thanks in advance.  :beer:

Edit to say there are still tix available through the MASS MoCa site, and I'll probably end up going that route if no one here has a pair they need to sell. I'd rather a fan not lose any $$$ so I'm gonna wait a bit before hitting the MoCa site.
The Shows / Re: Forest Hills Stadium - July 15
« Last post by Mr. White on Today at 12:41 PM »
Here's an updated version of this whole show. Eric Nelson noticed some of his videos were included in the collection and decided to share one more with me. He sent me "Compound Fracture" which leaves only 4 other songs without live footage (photo slideshow instead). Hope you all enjoy and share with others. Thanks for all the complements too!

The Shows / Re: Roll Call - Mass MoCA - 08/12/17
« Last post by millerjustin on Today at 10:17 AM »

I know I hate the curfews...they seem to literally alter the songs themselves, certain intros aren't as long, certain solos get to the point quicker and then are done before the orgasm, etc upon etc and I cannot stand it anymore. I hate the curfews

Completely agree. You could tell the curfew in Queens was messing with them. Cut short the AEIOU solo and no Jam on Touch Me Part 2 that they have been doing recently were just the ones that stood out.

Big time. Even the Phone could've gone longer and Jim rushed off stage when it ended. Jumped right into OBH after Touch Me ended abruptly. Fantastic show otherwise!

the TM2 was cut due to tech issues (omnicord wasn't pre-set so beginning and end drastically cut)  curfew did have a bit of an impact on song placement and length
The Shows / Re: OBH4!
« Last post by millerjustin on Today at 10:14 AM »
Any roll call members that are not planning on attending OBH that would be willing to help out a fellow MMJ fan in securing some tickets?

doesn't work that way unless a lead guest is including you in the same reservation (same room)
Other Music / Re: Phish
« Last post by cshum372 on Yesterday at 08:12 PM »
Last night was great, listened to a recording from NYCtaper.

it's pretty fantastic what they are doing with the Bakers Dozen Donut themes. It's fun to speculate on the songs and then when the discussion of which Bakers show was best, instead of talking about Night 3 or Night 9, it will be "I think Red Velvet was WAAAAY better than Bear Claw"

and it gives them a blueprint for no repeats and if they pull that off over 30+ hours (or so) of live music , it's gotta be one of the greatest achievements in live music history (or am i being hyperbolic?)

I am only a casual Phish fan ( have never seen them live!) but I think it's great that they are still bringing it at this point of their career! Baker's Dozen theme is the type of " fun" that they have always been known for- great that they still have such a playful spirit.
that Wonderful was really cool, that Bo intro and the Jim "lost in the heat" shit, maaaan. This is a great show
Other Music / Re: Jackie Greene- Modern Lives
« Last post by cshum372 on Yesterday at 05:32 PM »
I've been a fan since '02 or '03. Such a talented guy.

That's great- I saw him for the first time with Phil Lesh in 2007- and started following his solo work from there. He has aged gracefully! I am psyched that he hast off a new recording contract that will offer him a little more freedom- if this song is any indication I am looking forward to hearing more of Modern Lives Vol 1
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