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The Music / Re: Rarest of MMJ
« Last post by gasp on Today at 01:20 AM »
in "Off-topic ramblings" there is 'how to post images to the forum'
i couldn't find any pic of it on the web
The Music / Re: Rarest of MMJ
« Last post by unravelled on Yesterday at 11:37 PM »
What's the best way to post pictures?  It's been a while since I looked into it but I remember it being somewhat complicated.

It's basically JJ in a football helmet. Ha!

So forum owns at least 20% of that press. Sweet!! The unnumbered red is rare too. Think they pressed 250, maybe 500 of that one, so the JJ SUPERBOWL red would be of 25 or 50 I think.
The Music / Re: Rarest of MMJ
« Last post by gasp on Yesterday at 10:47 PM »
I have all the vinyl listed above. Still searching for the roll call 7 that includes Bermuda highway from the Birmingham show that I was front row center for :(

My rarest MMJ related vinyl is the blue cover super bowl shuffle w Jim James on the cover.   Only 10 in existence. This single was numbered at 100 but had 10 different covers meaning the JJ cover was only pressed 10 times. Lucked out on that one for sure.
Holyshi!  I have a blue JJ cover too! no idea it was so rare! :shocked: :thumbsup:
The Shows / Re: 1st Bank Center 12-29,,30, 31 2017 Roll Call
« Last post by ralph on Yesterday at 09:58 PM »
1. rkwedge +1
2. millerjustin & the Mrs.
3. DirtyPancho and Mrs. DirtyPancho
4. robb
5. emb + Maddi
6. BigHerm +1
7. Midwest + 3
8. KingCobra & Mife
9. ericm  (all 3 nights)
10. easy way & Mrs. easy way (aka: Windeon)
11. GO4IT & Ms GO4IT
12. Crispy
13. walterfredo + better half.
14. Tubetop
15. ChiefTokeNPuff6 + Mrs. ChiefTokeNPuff6
16. GreenEarth and Beautiful Wife
17. mr and mrs. subinai
18. PenguinSausage +1
19. Maxwell North
20. Talltyson +1 (3 nights)
21. cy
22. Mbayzer + 1
23. Soulshine
24. APR
25. mmjatl + 1 12/29, mmjatl + 3 12/31.
26. Devil Ledbetter + 1
27. d_wil (3 nights)
28. Lonndown27 with Chels 3 nights its looking like better and better each day
29. Bearski & Mrs. Bearski
30. Stxfan10 & Mrs. Stxfan10
31. ralph

There you go walter!!! See you there man...
The Shows / Re: 1st Bank Center (Colorado) NYE Run
« Last post by Lonndown27 on Yesterday at 09:12 PM »
hahahahahahaahahahah good god
The Shows / Shows We Know Have Been Filmed: An Analysis
« Last post by Lonndown27 on Yesterday at 09:11 PM »
lets all come up with shows that have been professionally shot and filmed and come up with a definitive list, unless we've done this already somewhere, Ill began with all I can remember:


-Headliners BOTH nights: proof: It Still Moves EPK has footage from the shows

-ACL Festival: proof: clip on youtube
-Bonnaroo 2004: proof:all over youtube in pieces and a song on official Bonnaroo04 DVD

-Bonnaroo 2005???? no proof just a loose guess
-Okonokos shows at Fillmore, both nights all songs were filmed, 7-8 songs unreleased

-Bonnaroo 2006: proof: clip of The Bear on youtube tantalizes us all for years already
-NYE Fillmore 2006 : proof: only proof is a big professional camera seen at the show


-Austin Music Hall : proof: as seen in the Evil Urges EPK

-Bonnaroo 2008 : proof: clip of OBH w/Kirk Hammett keeps us goin until they release it all...somewhat....not really....RELEASE IT  :cheesy: :cheesy:
-Waterfront Park Louisville: proof: Celebracion EPK features extensive pro footage

-NYE 2008 I swear to Christ I saw footage of the Jacket on CNN for NYE 08 I swear!!

- Sydney Australia : proof:a short interview & 25 mins of amazingly stunning footage is on youtube courtesy of TRIPLE J, cannot wait for this to be released it needs to be. The show was a 3 hour barnburner in an era when Jim was clean shaven and Carl had a mustache

-Terminal 5 shows??? possibly???
-Voodoo Music Festival: proof: footage on youtube featuring the amazing onstage intro
-KFC Yum???

-Louisville Palace UNSTAGED Youtube event! 3 hour epic!
-Oakland Fox Theater: proof: youtube has about 15 mins of footage shot by a rogue team of filmmakers and put together. The results are stunning and we NEED IT released. It looks amazing, not to mention it's one of my favorite Jacket shows.

-Bonnaroo 2011: proof: a clip of Touch Me II on youtube
-Lollapalooza 2011 : proof: got it in full on DVD at home thanks to JohnnyYac!!!

-Forecastle Festival Louisville!: proof: we've got the thing in full saved thanks to fans working together to preserve brilliance

-Red Rocks Second Night!!! aired on AXSTV all 3 hours and 23 minutes of it

-Kiddie show at Edgefield Theater?: proof: its on youtube in full

- OBH??: proof: OBH trailers and recaps on youtube

- OBH???: proof: OBH trailers and recaps on youtube
- Bonnaroo 2015: filmed in full and webcasted, we've saved it, I think most have it I dont, but I did watch it live as it went down and was satisfied, disappointed they didn't go the extra mile, though

-Red Rocks 2015 a film by Danny Clinch webcasted and saved I paid the 20 bucks, I got it still

- Beacon Theater shows???

-Austin City Limits episode
-Red Rocks both nights, filmed by the RR film staff it seemed, because on youtube videos you can see the screens on each side of the stage showing the band, looking as if it's the same cinematography used on the RR2012 AXSTV satellite broadcast.

-Forest Hills: a fan made compilation video organized by some of the bands best fans
The Shows / Re: 1st Bank Center (Colorado) NYE Run
« Last post by ericm on Yesterday at 08:41 PM »
Really considering making the trip.  Anybody down for going with me?  You'll have to pay your half.  I'm in the Louisville, Cincinnati area.  Preferably a female.

Dood. dont be creepy....... i didnt even see this! this is very odd Jamfish, explain man

Really!  I mean, pay your half?   :wink:
The Music / Re: Rarest of MMJ
« Last post by Lonndown27 on Yesterday at 08:35 PM »
NIIICE unravelled i wanna see a picture of that because those must look so sick!!
The Music / Re: YouTube that IS My Morning Jacket
« Last post by Lonndown27 on Yesterday at 08:34 PM » 

this video of NYE 2006 yet again, proves that the band had someone filming this luxuriously brilliant night! you can see perfectly a big, extra nice and absolutely impossibletobringinpassedsecurity camera . CANNOT WAIT to see what this band has in store for all of us fans for decades to come, seriously. now only one more question: were there more cameras? I would think DEFINITELY SO, because 2006 was a year where the band was just ON LIKE RON ON A CARL SONG! (shoutout Ron you awesome dood you!!) it's no wonder the band may have been filming this, as well, knowing that they were pretty much taking it to the top every fuckin last night.
The Music / Re: YouTube that IS My Morning Jacket
« Last post by Lonndown27 on Yesterday at 08:28 PM »

this is SO COOL, ive been able to find some extra groovy videos of NYE 2006 @ Fillmore! Get into these , watch the stage show the Jacket does , as well as in 2008 and to a lesser extent 2012, but this one could be up there with the Voodoo Festival 2010 moonface costumes , something that just signifies an event like no other, that fuckin defines it. Thats why WE LOVE this band. i cannot wait to see these amazing masters of onstage war and ragin peace once again
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