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The Shows / Re: Jim Tour Dates
« Last post by heynow1 on Today at 12:50 AM »
Hehehe! Please let's hear wild honey on me night! If you want a Marvin Gaye tune how bout "trouble man"! JJ rocks!!!
Off-Topic Ramblings / Re: The Official Happy Birthday Thread
« Last post by darkglow on Yesterday at 08:01 PM »
The Shows / Re: Jim Tour Dates
« Last post by stxfan10 on Yesterday at 01:05 AM »
I hung in there and snagged 2 tickets, but they're up in the mezzanine.
Checked a few hours later and there were two center orchestra tickets available, dead center of row T.
Whomever grabbed those is lucky.
These pre-sales never go smooth.

Anyone having issues with the Denver show?
I got on right at 10:00AM local time and keep getting the message below,
"Currently there are not enough Reserved tickets to fulfill your request."


hope you kept trying.  i was able to pull Center Orchestra Row A at 16 minutes after (carts expiring).  it was funky for me right at 10 but tix popped up at about 10:01.

It was also funky for me at 10:00 AM sharp, but recovered after a couple refreshes. I was able to pull 2 tickets in Row D center orchestra, so I'm not complaining. Nice get on Row A 16 min in!
Got mine today!! So cool, Tom even included a hand drawn doodle.

If you read this Tom, THANKS!

I don't do any social media so I'm sayin' Thank you here!!  :beer:
Other Music / Re: The War on Drugs
« Last post by Jackets N Pones on Jun 22, 2018, 05:07 PM »
The Shows / Re: Jim @ Nashville - Schermerhorn - 11/20/2018 - Roll Call
« Last post by jttouch2 on Jun 22, 2018, 04:24 PM »
Roll Call for Jim at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville on 11/20/2018

1. Mr. White
2. Unravelled +3 (1st row center)
3. rjlemons
4. jttouch2 + 2
The Shows / Re: Jim James pop up NY Show tomorrow night Rough Trade NYC
« Last post by jttouch2 on Jun 22, 2018, 04:23 PM »
I do like this version, but I really think that those performances from Spring 2016 really blow this arrangement out of the water in every possible way 
The Shows / Re: Jim James pop up NY Show tomorrow night Rough Trade NYC
« Last post by Jbpats on Jun 22, 2018, 04:09 PM »
Bo looks like he'll be busy a while anyway.
What's Bo up to?

Still touring with Roger Waters
The Shows / Re: Jim James pop up NY Show tomorrow night Rough Trade NYC
« Last post by APR on Jun 22, 2018, 04:08 PM »
Thanks robb.  I hope your sources are correct.  Are you pretty confident?  I can wait until '19 for those guitar jams.  That also makes sense considering 50% of his band is touring with Ray for a while.  So after the JJ acoustic they can rest up, rehearse and play Uniform Distortion.  I am in!

Bo is touring with Roger Waters for the rest of the year.  And in that podcast (posted in another thread), Tommy said that it's likely Roger will extend the tour into 2019 so Bo will be occupied.  Tommy also said in that podcast that Carl is coming out with a solo album in September.  So good news indeed except for the lack of MMJ on tour the next 12+ months.
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